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Dusk No.1 {whole}

Dusk No.1 {whole}

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Giclée print, originally painted with acrylic inks.

Printed on sustainable bamboo, archival fine art paper.


The inspiration

This paint palette is inspired by the dreamy hues you'd see as you walk through a forest at dusk.  I once got to experience this,  walking through the Italian Alps where my partner grew up as a child.

I remember the warm terracotta oranges of the mineral rich clay earth.

Lush ferns and damp golden lichen carpeting shaded spots and creeping up bark.

Fragrant pines and slightly pinkish, layered stone revealing the curl and perfect geometry of ancient fossils.

The sky blending from a pastel peach to velvet midnight.


Why I paint these colours

I want this palette and all my art to remind you that you are made of the same powerful ingredients and infinite creativity as all of nature. It's in you, it is you

In the presence of nature, you are perfect. You grow and bloom at the perfect pace for you.

And just like all of nature, you deserve rest, nutrients, water, sunlight, space to expand. To observe your own rhythms and seasons. To be.

I want these paintings to be a reminder that you deserve all of this and more. You deserve to feel alive!

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