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Dessert No.1 {detail}

Dessert No.1 {detail}

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Giclée print, originally painted with acrylic inks.

Printed on sustainable bamboo, archival fine art paper.


The inspiration

 For this one I didn't have a plan or a recipe to begin with, but rather a craving.

I started with one colour, took a wide brush and the swoosh

Then stood back and asked what happens if I play with this flavour?

And what emerged was juicy late summer berries and vanilla-scented cream.

Salted caramel, crumbling honeycomb.

Rich, syrupy red wine.

Lemon zest. Saffron.

Softness. Romance. Sumptuousness. Zestful bursts of flavour. Deliciousness.


Why I paint these colours

I hope this palette can help you to slip into a luxurious, delicious, feminine energy.

The energy of abundant creation. Zestful bursts of inspiration. Unapologetic in flavour. Experiencing exquisite pleasure in the moment. Like a ripe blackberry, cloaked in vanilla cream, bursting on the tongue.

In the ancient Chinese energy practice of Feng Shui, each colour has meaning and power. Red is an activating, stimulating energy. Pink brings love, passion, partnership. Orange uplifts the spirit, a bringer of joy. Yellow and gold are the colours of wellbeing, health and spiritual connection.

And so I like to think of this palette as a colour energy recipe for self-love, healing and intuition.

For receiving inspiration and activating the energy within you to create something beautiful with it.

For nourishing your body and mind and giving yourself the highest form of care.

For tuning into and expressing your joy, taking pleasure in each moment.

And as with all of my art, I want remind you that you are made of the same powerful ingredients and infinite creativity as all of nature. It's in you, it is you.


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