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Marrakech No.2 {whole}

50 x 70 cm

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50 cm x 70 cm

19.7 inches x 27.6 inches


Giclée Hahnemühle Bamboo paper

Frame not included

Printing matters

Giclée printing is the gold standard of fine art reproduction. It gives the greatest colour accuracy, depth and richness to the art print. When it comes to paintings, the end result is almost indistinguishable from the original artwork.

The process uses a type of archival ink which ensures the longevity of your print. Your prints won’t fade in normal household lighting conditions. Instead, they will retain their brilliance for 100+ years.

Paper matters

My trusted printer uses the world's first digital fine art paper made from bamboo fibres.

The paper is crafted by one of the oldest art paper companies in the world. Mixing formulations and techniques that are centuries old, originally born in traditional paper mills, with modern digital printing requirements.

Bamboo represents naturalness and resource-saving paper production. This Hahnemühle Bamboo paper is made from 90% Bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, allowing the highest quality with environmental friendliness.

This natural matte, warm-toned, smooth surfaced art paper offers maximum ageing resistance, meaning your print will last a lifetime.

Made to order delivery

Your prints will be made to order and shipped within 48 hours directly from my London-based printer.

This method saves:

Time - so you can look forward to having your print in your hands sooner.

Delivery costs - this method allows me to offer you free shipping on your print orders.

Resources & materials - by ordering directly and only as needed, we avoid excess packaging waste and overproduction.

Fuel & emissions
 - the service is end-to-end carbon neutral.

Space - as the artist and store owner, this method allows me to free up space and resources for creating more beauty!

Giclée print, originally painted with acrylic inks.

Printed on sustainable bamboo, archival fine art paper.


The inspiration

This paint palette's inspiration is a little different to the others.

It's inspired by a feeling and desire that has grown in me over the years. The desire to truly rest. To settle into the sensations in my body of freedom, of space, freedom to explore, to live fully.

To be surrounded by beauty and to be filled up by it. Nourished.

To go on a vacation, completely carefree and with an open heart. Creating the kind of space in your body where pure joy and excitement can bubble up. Overflowing.

Years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Marrakech on my birthday. It was beautiful, but I was experiencing a dark moment emotionally in my life. So I don't remember it in vivid detail, apart from some juicy colours. And I don't have any photos of my own.

I do remember wrangling with the feeling of guilt that I should be working more. And questions like is it ok for me to enjoy? How can I relax?

Today, I know that I am the one who decides and I claim my rest. My enjoyment. My pleasure in the moment.

It doesn't always look like getting on a plane. In fact our imaginations, our thoughts are so powerful that we can travel anywhere with our minds and generate that feeling at any time.

So travel with me now.


You rise from a luxurious afternoon slumber and ponder where you are for a minute.

Yesterday morning you were packing your suitcase, heart aching in anticipation for the three weeks of blissful rest and relaxation ahead of you.

And now, here you are reclined on a chaise lounge, on the top floor of a luxurious riad in Marrakech.

What was it you were so worried about then? Who knows now. You unclench your jaw, your thoughts melt away and you let the bird chatter occupy your full focus for a moment. Stretch, it’s the first time in months that you’ve felt alive.

You slide your toes into your handmade slippers. Enjoying a sip of the cocktail you were drinking before you drifted off. The tangy, fresh flavours dance on your tongue. Passionfruit, grapefruit, mint.

As you descend to the lower floors you admire the ornate tiles and floral painted patterns that decorate the stairwells. And how the afternoon sun almost sets the deep blues, blood oranges, aquamarines alight. They could be glowing.

Down in the the lower central courtyard you find a wooden bench to settle on. Half under a canopy of sunset orange bougainvillea flowers that cast dappled light and leafy shadows across your skin.

And you admire how the crystal waters in the pool throw dancing reflections across the courtyard arches. Honey and turquoise tiles line the poolside, giant terracotta pots house leaning palms.

Take another sip. And open your journal to a fresh page. It’s your moment to dream. To imagine your fresh start, all the beauty that you’re ready to bring to life. All the challenges you’re ready to take on. All the connection and magic that you’re ready to call in.

It is time to LIVE.


Why I paint these colours

The moments when I feel all my senses come to life, are when I'm soaking up the beauty of my surroundings. And I've found that when I take my body out of the familiar spaces she's used to and place her somewhere new. Fresh. That's when my brain switches on in a new way and my senses wake up. All of them! She is nourished by beauty and exploration.

When I paint from travel memories or even imagined travel, I want to create a palette that brings you into the energy of abundance, exploration, possibility, pleasure.

Because our emotional state matters when we're creating our dreams. 

And I also paint these colours to remind you that you deserve rest, space, nutrients, light.

That you deserve to be here and enjoy your life, no matter what you’ve managed or not managed to do. Or tick off your endless lists.

You need rest, you need breaks. Beauty. Space to expand.

You deserve to feel alive.