Kiwi Blooms No.3
Kiwi Blooms No.3
Kiwi Blooms No.3
Kiwi Blooms No.3
Kiwi Blooms No.3

Kiwi Blooms No.3

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This black and white photograph is a detail study of the fleeting bloom of kiwi flowers in northern Italy, in spring.

1 of a series of 4 photograph prints.

Available as an individual print or a complete set of 4.


The Inspiration

Somewhere in the Italian Alps, amidst the majestic Dolomiti, my amore spent his childhood. Childhood, for the alpine bambini meant ample time outdoors ruling forest kingdoms and climbing trees. And a deep connection to nature; the forests, the mountains, the changing skies.

In his particular village, almost everyone grows their own fruits and vegetables. Behind each row of houses, countless more rows of apple trees climb the hills, putting every spare meter to work. Apples are the side-biz of choice.

Always an experimenter and often ahead of the crowd, Renato (Matteo's father) chose to grow kiwis instead.

Every spring, these glorious, sturdy, kiwi vines blossom for a fleeting 2 days a flower. A tiny fraction of the year. If you're lucky, you might catch their spectacular show. I've only seen them once, in all the 8 years I've been visiting.

What I love is the contrast between their pillowy, white petals with tiny ripples at the hem, and the tough, leathery leaves the size of your hand when you out-stretch your fingers. The leaves are thick and round, casting deep curves of shadows. When the sun does manage to sneak through, it shines a theatre spotlight, celebrating the flowers and their soft momentary beauty.

I'm reminded that's ok to bloom for moment. Wonderful in fact, to blossom with full force for a brief moment. We don't have to be on display, maximum speed, peaking every day. But rather, there's grace in celebrating our own changing seasons of life.


Archival Giclee print on museum quality, thick, textured art paper.

Kept dry and out of direct sunlight, this piece will last many lifetimes.

Dimensions available

50 x 50 cm  (Size of artwork on paper: 40 x 40cm)

40 x 40 cm  (Size of artwork on paper: 33 x 33cm)

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Kiwi Blooms No.3
Kiwi Blooms No.3
Kiwi Blooms No.3